About Our Company

As consumer expectations evolve due to 24/7 access and instant communication channels, it’s critical for the healthcare industry worldwide to understand and build a relationship with the new health consumer.  The Health Perspectives Group of companies, which includes Health Advocacy Strategies, Health Stories, LLC, Health Stories Project - Insights and Patient Health Perspectives, partner with healthcare companies to make this possible.

Based in the Seattle technology hub, Health Perspectives Group companies are passionate about digital and offline patient solutions, working as experts in patient engagement and technology to create innovative new ways for people to interact with each other and healthcare companies.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 biopharmaceutical companies to start-ups, all with one thing in common: a desire to differentiate their organizations and brands by integrating the authentic consumer voice throughout all their organizations, from product development to marketing and communications initiatives.

We work with more than 100 healthcare brands, including 7 blockbuster drugs, connecting healthcare companies with thousands of patients living with more than 60 diseases and conditions ranging from autoimmune diseases and oncology to hypertension.


Health Perspectives Group successes are driven by our award-winning, passionate staff, with experience in biopharmaceuticals:

  • health education
  • advocacy
  • journalism
  • market research
  • social work
  • nonprofits
  • medical research
  • law
  • analytics
  • public relations
  • publishing
  • technology
  • social media 

We believe the best way to create innovation is give talented people with unique skills the freedom to tear down old systems and use their collective experience to solve complex problems.

Our proven process and proprietary systems are based on 14 years of experience and built on three key areas of expertise in the highly-regulated biopharmaceutical industry:

  • Engagement to meet mutual needs
  • Relationship building and people management
  • Compliance with all privacy, regulatory and legal requirements

By elevating the healthcare conversation and making compliant, patient-centered action the norm, the Health Perspectives Group believes companies will be more successful and consumers will gain the knowledge and confidence they need to navigate the complexities of their own health – ultimately transforming the healthcare industry for the good of all.