Health Advocacy Strategies was founded by Robin Shapiro in 2002 with an idea of helping patients tell their stories. Sharing personal experiences and connecting with others can help patients manage the emotions, decisions and challenges that come with a health event. Developing opportunities for patients to connect also allows health care companies to improve the dialog and build relationships with the communities they serve. 

As the pharmaceutical industry became more consumer focused and patient-centric, there was an opportunity for the business to evolve.

Robin teamed up with Cheryl Lubbert in 2010 and together, they created a group of companies to help change the patient experience. The spotlight was on helping patients and companies connect and learn from each other. The objective was to create the best possible outcome for both sides of the conversation – to change healthcare for everyone's benefit.

Each business, Health Advocacy Strategies, Health Stories Project, and Patient Health Perspectives, aims to create the connection between patients and companies with the ultimate goal – to advance health and healthcare.

Robin Shapiro


Robin Shapiro's career has focused on how personal experience can educate and inspire others to action. During her career in the biopharmaceutical industry, she experienced how science revolutionized health care options and how patients want to participate in educating others about their disease. These career experiences inspired Robin to found Health Advocacy Strategies, LLC in 2002.

Today, Health Advocacy Strategies is part of a family of companies focused on connecting and empowering patients around their health conditions to lead to better health.

Her work with patients led Robin to co-found Allied Health Advocates (AHA) in 2008, which offered cutting edge services and products including independent health advocacy and health care proxy work.

While AHA no longer accepts new health advocacy clients, it was the foundation for an even more innovative and wide-reaching idea, the Washington State Health Advocacy Association (WASHAA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health advocacy in Washington State, empowering patients, and improving healthcare outcomes.