What our clients say about us:

“Best in the business, knowledgeable on the issues, kind and trustworthy, particularly important because of the 1:1 interactions they have with our patients.”

“The expertise H.A.S. has working with patients and caregivers is extremely valuable. The team’s understanding of external regulatory/legal requirements is unbelievable – and very helpful.”

“Very professional and organized, with a strong passion for what you do!”

“You’ve done an impeccable job managing programs and you keep everything on track.”

“They not only understand the external factors which impact patient interactions and privacy, they have quickly become experts on our own internal process and have provided strategic input on improvements.”

“One of the best agencies that I have worked with in terms of making it easy for me and getting work done.”

“Your program has had a direct impact on new patients trying our brand.“

“I can always count on H.A.S. to deliver exactly who I need.“

“You are always very buttoned-up.” — Agency Partner