Patient Advocates Training

Goal: To Share Personal Stories at Internal and External Events

  • Build compliant, volunteer patient Network
  • Identify patients with a passion to share their story
  • On-board into Network and train to share experiences through variety of channels
  • Created Speaker Training summits to train patient speakers
  • Developed Medical, Legal and Regulatory (MRL) approved materials
  • Coordinated in-person and follow-up trainings along with comprehensive audit program


One Patient Advocate Network:

  • Held over 2000 Live Meetings
  • Conducted more than 70 Virtual Patient Programs
  • Held 10 in-person speaker training sessions
  • Trained over 100 patient advocates to become speakers
  • Currently engage over 65 active patient speakers
  • Held dozens of Town Halls, Internal Meetings and Sales meetings attended by patient Advocates

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