Case study: Patient Networks – e.g., Autoimmune Therapy

Enhance differentiation through patient testimonials

  • Built compliant, volunteer patient Network
  • Identified patients with a passion to share their story
  • On-board 300+ patient Advocates into Network and train to share experiences compliantly through variety of channels
  • Engaged patients in company-facilitated patient activities for over 13 years
  • Corporate
  • Brand Promotional
  • Disease Awareness

Bind patients to company and brand through high-touch relationship building*

  • 59% of patient Advocates remained on product for 5 to10 years or more after joining network
  • 30% of patient Advocates remained on product for 1 to 5 years after joining network
  • 11% of patient Advocates remained on product for <1 year after joining network

     *Currently active patients n= 169, June 2013

Engaging Patients in Volunteer Networks Results in Higher Adherence Rates

  • 93% of patients remained on product 2 years after joining network – compared to;
  • 35% of general biologic patient population remain on product at 2 years

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