Engaging Patients in a Socially Distanced World

With COVID-19 containment measures isolating thousands of people who rely on specific medicines, empowering patient voices is more critical than ever. Give a voice to those who can inspire others, effect change, and foster connections by sharing their experiences. Now is the time to adapt to the situation and embrace our new virtual reality. We have a variety of digital engagement solutions we can deploy to support you.

Mentor Programs

Enable experienced patients trained in FDA communication guardrails to share their personal disease and treatment experiences with those seeking information and support, through private, 1:1 telephone conversation conducted via a double-blind conference line.


Collect real-time feedback from patients about what matters to them and understand how to convert this into meaningful initiatives and superior customer experiences.

Virtual Events Management

Speaker bureaus, patient summits, co-creation workshops – we can execute any type of event effectively, all while engaging a broader pool of participants and reaching a larger audience.

Remote Video Production

Capture powerful patient experiences without setting foot in their homes. Our virtual production solutions allow patients to speak on their own terms, and provide you with compelling, professional-caliber footage to feature internally or on websites and social media.

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