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From ROI to IOR: Measuring the Impact of Relationships with Patients

Cheryl Lubbert  -  7/10/2017

Return on Investment (ROI) drives many decisions companies make every day. But, as the patient becomes an essential focus for companies in the healthcare space, it’s time to think also about the IOR, or Impact of Relationships, and how to measure the success of building strong relationships with healthcare consumers who have increasingly high expectations.

There is a perception that measuring the impact of relationships is “soft science” and not quantitative. However, other consumer-focused industries are finding ways to measure the impact of relationships on top-line revenue, providing key quantitative measures that can be applied in healthcare as well.

To assess how biopharmaceutical companies are doing in each of these five key aspects, we conducted a series of three surveys, asking a total of 900 consumers about their trust in and impressions of the industry. We conducted the surveys through our subsidiary Health Stories Project – Insights, a Health Perspectives Group research company focused on quantifying the patient perspective.

This analysis will explore current impressions by consumers on the biopharmaceutical industry, as well as key elements of strong relationships and the trust and loyalty they create.

Check out the white paper.

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