Our team shares deep biopharmaceutical industry experience and a unique vision for shaping healthcare around patient needs.

Cheryl Lubbert

President and Chief Executive Officer

Cheryl leads based on an unwavering belief in the power of connecting people and the authenticity of the patient voice. With 20+ years experience leading divisions and creating markets for the largest biopharmaceutical brands in the world, she saw the power of the patient in transforming healthcare. This led her to grow a small consulting agency into a premier patient engagement company by assembling a team of committed leaders to deliver on this vision. Her ability to apply critical operational processes and organizational design from Fortune 500 companies created a foundation to ensure broad success and continued growth.

Ellen Ahearn

Chief Operating Officer

Ellen oversees the company’s information technology and financial operations, ensuring that our technical and accounting teams deliver the level of service that our clients rely on. She brings over 30 years of operational leadership and management experience in public and private companies including technology, communications, advertising, and energy. Ellen has been working with our biopharmaceutical clients for over a decade and understands the scrutiny they are subject to and how to ensure we meet their demanding compliance standards.

Jean McCoy

SVP, Partnerships

Jean’s focus is on accelerating our company’s growth and ensuring we are dependable partners who are consistently bringing value to our clients. Her knowledge of what this requires is based on more than 25 years of leadership in biopharmaceutical marketing and commercialization. She is an outspoken authority on patient engagement who frequently gives keynote addresses about our pioneering work in both the commercial and clinical arenas.

Pam Garfield

SVP, Strategy and Innovation

With more than 20 years of leadership experience in publishing, new media, advocacy relations, and patient education solutions, Pam is uniquely suited to guide the development of our proprietary technology platforms and product offerings. Her proven ability to understand client needs and translate them into full-fledged solutions that make an immediate impact is what keeps us on the cutting edge of patient engagement.

Clint Kendrick

SVP, Outreach Operations

Clint leads our clinical outreach division and project management teams, with a focus on inclusive, team-based operational excellence. He is responsible for the execution of high-touch patient-focused clinical programs and the timely, high-quality delivery of client projects. His background includes over 25 years guiding high-performing regional and national teams focused on technical support, sales operations, and mission-critical, highly regulated field operations.

Alisa Oliver

VP and Managing Director, Patient Partners

As the leader of our patient partner team, Alisa focuses on the development and execution of high value programs that bring authentic patient stories to life. With nearly 20 years of experience leading health marketing and communication programs on behalf of pharma, medical device and diagnostics clients, Alisa is well-versed in creating compliant patient-focused programs well-suited for client needs.

Marie Farrell

VP, Strategic Business Initiatives

Marie joined our team in 2013, bringing more than 10 years of experience in healthcare and life science communications. She’s worn a variety of hats across our organization and now leverages her deep knowledge of our core services to design processes and implement technology innovations that make us better at everything we do.

Tiffany Butler

VP and Managing Director, Strategy and Innovation

More than 10 years of patient engagement experience has given Tiffany a unique understanding of how to design successful programs and products from the ground up. She leads our product development team, which focuses on tailoring technology to offer our clients, while ensuring an optimal experience for every patient we build a relationship with.

Jennifer Jenkins

VP, Controller

Jen likes it when everything adds up just right and so do we. She brings more than 15 years of experience into her role as the leader of accounting team, with a skill set that includes Financial Accounting, Property Management Systems, and Risk Management. Her high level oversight ensures that our clients can count on us for timely and accurate financial transactions and documentation.

Jennifer McGovern

VP and Managing Director, Partnerships

Throughout her career, Jennifer has always been passionate about engaging with patients. A two-time DTC-Marketer of the year, she has led consumer/patient engagement programs across several blockbuster brands and has over 20 years of pharmaceutical experience. Her focus is on building partnerships with new and existing clients to create strategies and tactics that deliver on brand priorities.

Jeremy Vannatta

VP, Partnerships

Jeremy’s passion for storytelling and patient empowerment collide in his role as VP, Partnerships. During his 20 years of healthcare experience, Jeremy has been both a client of Health Perspectives Group and a care partner to his wife who shared her own health experiences as an advocate. As VP, Partnerships, he now educates clients on patient engagement best practices and solutions, helping them meet their strategic objectives.

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